#8 I had a dream

I do remember you. You were there, sitting right beside me. It was a hilly region I suppose, because there was a chill in the air. The sun was shining. Bright it was. But not warm. I put my arms around you.

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New Semester

#Share – Unworthy

Unworthy of your love I am

For even I do not love myself

Unworthy of your heart I am

I cannot give you something that I don’t have

Unworthy I am, unworthy I will be

Unworthy I remain for eternity


Source: Unworthy

New Semester

#7 I am so clear now but yet so confused.

My roommates are asleep. It’s pretty amazing to see people sleeping. We all sleep like a child, don’t we? Haha, I wish we could spend all our life like a child.

3 months of break. And we have college tomorrow. Great.

Most of my buddies here are sleeping. The sole idea of getting up early makes all of them sleepy.

Don’t know exactly why, but I am kinda excited.

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Before Sem Exams, Random

#6 And here comes the Festival of Lights

So I sat down with my plate, the food is good today. The usual place where my mind wanders off to unusual places.

I was not having the best company. My buddies had gone outside to dine. But I liked this break, the break from the boring and useless chatter I hear everyday. What rather interested me were the plates in front of everyone.

“Look at them” I thought.

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