Can you please elaborate ?

” Well. The key to manage everything successfully is to keep it simple” said my friend.

I gave him my perplexed look but did’t ask again. He didn’t even bother and continued chewing as we were sitting in the mess having lunch, before leaving to check our exam results.

“You know what, you can be  very frank with me. Don’t hesitate to share anything. Tell me how do I keep everything simple” I asked.

You know.. Dress simple, don’t keep trying to impress others, don’t overthink about your looks. Have a small group of friends you can trust, never have too many friends. Have meals at proper times of the day. Maintain hygiene. Ummm… yeah that’s all. I mean then you’ll get time for each and every thing which you complain about later.

We never talk much. He is not one of the ‘talk-bullshit-all-the-time’ guys and I do admit, he is simple. And words like these hardly come from him. They WERE insightful. At least for me.

And here at 1:05 A.M I sit with these thoughts in my heads. Is it really that easy? I mean keeping everything simple. Maybe.

Maybe not.

Time will tell.


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