“I don’t look okay when I’m quiet. Isn’t it?” I asked my friend.

“Naa. It isn’t like that. It’s better to stay shut when you ain’t got any topic. And moreover isn’t the weather too nice? So let us just embrace it.” He answered.

I smiled.

I thought, maybe you don’t always have to utter words to make others understand what and how you are feeling.

They will know, they will understand. If they are ought to.

And we continued walking. I being the quiet type felt lucky to have such a friend.

It was drizzling. Rains are always special.They really are… at least for me.

But for a long time I was pondering over a question which I had asked myself.

What makes us happy?

Is it having academic or financial success. Is it getting a praise from your boss? Is it getting a surprise from your significant other or an expensive gadget from your parents after you have nagged them so much?

Maybe. Maybe not.

So I asked myself this question again. But wasn’t able to figure it out.  We kept walking. Now , we had started to feel the rain drops, unlike before. They grew heavier. But we continued. I was missing someone badly too.

“Ohh. Stop it!” we saw a girl laughing as she was with her friends. They were all smiling. And I smiled too. I don’t know why but I got a smile on my face. Seeing others happy and enjoying their life does make you happy.

Not sure?

Ever noticed yourself when you are with a toddler.

A toddler knows nothing. Isn’t aware of any of the atrocities in this world. Doesn’t and
can’t differentiate between the good and bad. All he or she knows is to cry when in need of
something or smile when happy. That’s all. But play with a toddler for sometime and it
is sure to cheer your mood up. Their simple laugh can make anyone happy.

So ultimately, what makes you happy?

I guess it’s watching others happy, being or not being the reason for it. It is because
I think it gives me a feeling of assurance that there is always light after dark,
happiness after sad times. We don’t need to be strong, we just need to feel strong. And
have faith in ourselves.

At last, again, I asked myself this question.

For me, it is seeing others happy. There is a simple joy in that.

So take some time out and ask this question to yourself. Got any answers?
Yes? It’s good.
No? Then it’s even better because you are still on your pursuit to finding that cause of your true happiness. Just stay strong.

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