The last time I expected something from someone else, I was disappointed. The disappointment was not with that person but rather with myself.

‘Expectations kill’

‘No Expectations No Disappointments’

Don’t you agree?

Then why do you expect so much? Huh?

So the  first question I tumble upon is “Is it wrong to have expectations” ?

No. But the only person you should expect from is yourself.

Life. Lover. Friends. Family.

Don’t lose your hope. Rather keep trust and have faith in them.

And yeah. Have high expectations from yourself and be brave enough to turn them into reality. No one else would be as much happy as you. And isn’t that what you try to be?

And one thing I wanted to share, which anyone can closely relate with.


I better learn to keep up with the reality

5 thoughts on “#TinyThought #1 Do you have expectations? Yeah. You do.

    1. As long as we keep our heads in the clouds and our feet on the ground, I don’t think we should limit our imagination 🙂

      P.S. Typo was corrected. Thanks.


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