So I sat down with my plate, the food is good today. The usual place where my mind wanders off to unusual places.

I was not having the best company. My buddies had gone outside to dine. But I liked this break, the break from the boring and useless chatter I hear everyday. What rather interested me were the plates in front of everyone.

“Look at them” I thought.

I was alone, as none other had occupied the table which I had. It didn’t bother me.

Like Henry David Thoreau had said…

I never found the companion that was so companionable as solitude.

The one with the most filled plate wasn’t the happiest, and the one with the least wasn’t the saddest. A simple observation, I guess.

This defines life. Isn’t it?

We run after things.. material things. Trying to fill our vessels with money, power and the so called luxuries that are supposed to keep us happy.

I smiled. Isn’t this what people do all their life?

I looked at my plate too. I was able to stuff more than I should have and some of it was seriously going into the bin.

Maybe this is in our nature.

We are stuck with the needs. Food, shelter, money… This is what we need for our survival. But things like love, friendship, experiences, memories these are what defines the life of a human being. This is what we want.

Money can buy happiness and it does, no doubt.

But maybe I would like to find it out myself but for now, I was trying to finish up that extra chapatti in my plate.

I couldn’t. I had already eaten more than I could.

I shouldn’t wear shorts, all these mosquitoes.. argghh

But it was Diwali. One should be happy.

I wished my loved ones too, mentally.. Happy Diwali. Maybe they were doing the same.

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