New Semester

#7 I am so clear now but yet so confused.

My roommates are asleep. It’s pretty amazing to see people sleeping. We all sleep like a child, don’t we? Haha, I wish we could spend all our life like a child.

3 months of break. And we have college tomorrow. Great.

Most of my buddies here are sleeping. The sole idea of getting up early makes all of them sleepy.

Don’t know exactly why, but I am kinda excited.

I was eagerly waiting for a fresh start. Although the circumstances aren’t as I expected but I guess it is us who have to make them right. I have set some new goals, thought about a lot of things and as a matter of fact also started working towards it. Hope this enthusiasm of mine survives the tides of time.

I know it will. Just being optimistic 🙂

But I have this weird feeling I can’t explain. Something IS holding me back.




But I am just fighting it. Don’t know for sure. Should sleep.

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