New Semester, TinyThoughts

#TinyThought #2 Good Night


Would you listen to me ?

The trio of us gets out of the room.

You coming with me? My friend asks, wearing his characteristic smile. I nodded, ‘It has got too late, we better go to sleep’.

“Good Night”, we both exchanged. He left.

And my best friend was sleep walking to his room(I think so). I wished him good night too. But I couldn’t hear a thing. Aahhh.

I left too.

Only one person was left to wish Good night to.

So, quietly I go to the side of the window.

I know they don’t like me but still I ask for them.

I know she can’t hear me. But “Good night my dear”, I whisper in the air.

I smile.

And I can just hope that angels knew what they needed to do.

I can’t ask for more because I had left.

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