#8 I had a dream

I do remember you. You were there, sitting right beside me. It was a hilly region I suppose, because there was a chill in the air. The sun was shining. Bright it was. But not warm. I put my arms around you.

It is 6:00 in the morning. And my sneeze shatters the early morning quiet. I try my best, but it’s all hazy. Urrrghh. I can’t remember it. “Calm down” I tell myself, while sipping water.

I can recollect some of it.

I kept shifting. I was switching places all the time. One moment I am on the road, roaming aimlessly. The other second, I am in a house which I have no clue about.

Random. In dreams too.

But that was not it.

Once again I shift. But this time I find myself sitting.

It’s a tranquil morning. It’s calm. And it’s also weird.

Because I see one of my former roommates sitting right there in front of me. Hmm.. unexpected visitor. But he has this smile. A smirking face. blaah.. I am used to it.

I turn sideways.

And I see you. It’s you.

A serene figure.

It brought a smile on my face.

I don’t know what three of us were talking about or were we even talking.. I am not sure. And I don’t care actually. Because I would always manage to steal a few glances at you.

It’s like I just can’t get enough of you.

But you look down all of a sudden. And with my usual hesitation, I move close to you.

You had tears rolling down your eyes yet you were smiling. I ask “What happened, is everything alright?”

You nodded but didn’t utter a word. Maybe you were too tired. Maybe, you didn’t want to speak.

So I just took you in my arms and held you tight. Close to me.

My eyes were closed.

It was like, I wanted to tell you, “It’s all gonna be okay. I am here. For you”.

I wanted everything to freeze at that very moment.


I woke up. And I reached for my phone…

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